Help! I can’t get on a ferry…

Can’t get on a ferry? Don’t let that stop you planning your stay with us. We have some excellent local tips on how to get over that water.

  1. Our local travel agent, Evelyn at Kingscote Travel (08) 8553 3154) specialises in the Sealink ferry and has successfully gotten both locals and visitors alike a booking with an excellent success rate. Call Evelyn and explain you are our guests, and she will get you over every time. She is amazing!
  2. Standby. At the ferry terminals there is a standby lane (lane 5) which are in the running to get on the next ferry if there is space. The Spirit of Kangaroo Island typically gets up to 4 extra cars per trip and The Sealion ferry gets up to 7 extra cars per trip. Personal experience using the standby approach has seen me get on every time. Worst case I have waited one ferry (always good to aim for ferries that are close together to minimise wait times). Get there early to maximise your chances. Register in the Sealink office that you are in the standby lane.
  3. Penneshaw car hire. Don’t like the idea of uncertainty? Hire a car to pick up at Penneshaw. Budget, Hertz and Seafront Hotel all have offices at Penneshaw. Booking a passenger fare and car hire tends to work out the same price as bringing your car over anyway (and added bonus of not getting your own car dirty on our roads!)
  4. Fly with QANTAS. A more expensive option but very convenient. Hire a car from the airport or let us organise a transfer to Stowaway for you.

If you book a stay and don’t get over on standby (this has NEVER happened, but just to put you at ease) we will refund your stay in full.

Carly x