When we opened Stowaway I was determined not to have passive aggressive little notes stuck all over the property as I personally don’t enjoy that experience! However, as time has gone on, I have begun to understand the necessity of all these little notes. Instead I am going to get all the ‘rules’ out of the way on this page. Hopefully by being clear in our expectations at the beginning of your stay we can avoid any issues at the end.

As you will notice your Stowaway is not like a hotel room, its not a commercial space and our amenities are not built for rough or disrespectful treatment. We have lots of beautiful raw timbers, fabrics and stone that are damaged very easily – please treat your Stowaway with lots of TLC.

Ok here we go…

Don’t leave the spa lid off when not in use, the water level evaporates quickly and can drop to a level where pumps are damaged. Please don’t put bubble bath in the spa, yes this has actually happened (!) Also, please use the plastic wine glasses, glass around the spa is strongly discouraged. Please wash any sand off before you jump in, as sand damages the spa. If you have any concerns with the spa let us know asap.

Please don’t launder our linen or towels yourself. They are VERY easily damaged. If you want a fresh set of sheets or more towels simply ask, we are happy to drop more towels etc off if you need them. We understand things get spilled, we don’t mind – our laundry is excellent at removing most things if they have not been already washed and the stain set.

Be gentle when putting logs on the fire. The glass is well, glass – it can break. It is very expensive to replace.

Please don’t burn candles (even tea lights) in the property or on the deck. The danger of fire is real, we have big linen curtains, lots of timber and the dripping wax damages the floor, deck and furnishings. We have lots of dimmable lights to create ambience.

Please don’t dye your hair, apply fake tan or use purple toning shampoos, they badly stain the bathroom and our linen. Dye soaks into the natural stone and resin sinks/bath and requires professional resurfacing to correct it.

Smoking in the property is a hard NO. If you choose to smoke outside we ask you don’t smoke on the decks, or in the spa (just on the gravel car park area). Make sure all doors and windows are shut as cigarette smoke blows inside and gets into all of our beautiful fabrics. Please dispose of any butts thoughtfully without creating a fire risk. Any detection of cigarette smoke (at my discretion) inside will see the full bond kept as a deep clean is required.

Please don’t create a fire outside, even if you bring your own fire pit. Again, the fire risk is immense.

Please don’t take any of the indoor furniture outside.

Pets and children are not permitted. If you just read this and have a child or pet with you please give us a call and we will help you find alternate accommodation.

Motorbike riding is strictly banned on this property.

Please pay for mini bar items via link www.stowawayki.com.au/mini-bar/ so I know what to replenish when you check out.

We do expect the property to be left in an excellent condition when you check out. Extra cleaning charges will apply ($80/hour). Should extra cleaning be deemed necessary after your stay please accept this with understanding and grace. Abuse and threats will not be tolerated.

If any of these above activities are undertaken during your stay I am sorry but it will be reflected in your bond.

Phew, now we have got all the serious stuff out of the way – please relax and enjoy yourselves! If you have ANY concerns or just not sure of something just send us a text, we love hearing from you!

Love Carly x

PS. To the 99% of our amazing guests who do the right thing I am sorry I had to put you through that list!