It’s that time of the year again, Christmas shopping…I don’t know about you, but I feel I reached my gift giving zenith for Adam last Christmas with a fancy bbq, and now I feel like the downward spiral of juicers, jocks, socks and foot spas is inevitable. This coupled with my determination not to give gifts that will only end up in land fill 30 seconds after unwrapping has unearthed the wonderful concept of ‘The Experience’ gift – concert tickets, dinner vouchers or even better a luxury romantic getaway. An added perk is most of these experiences require a plus one and I might even get to enjoy it too, a win-win scenario!


This got me thinking that a stay in one of our five star luxury Stowaways on Kangaroo Island really would be the perfect Christmas gift – no landfill, an opportunity to make some wonderful lasting memories as a couple and the bonus of the excitement of opening the gift then the anticipation of taking the trip. So just in case you need more convincing I have listed the top 3 reasons a luxury romantic getaway is the perfect gift for your partner, your Mum and Dad, in-laws, hey even your Grandparents.



We are all super busy. Often the last person we give time to is our significant other and ourselves, often to the detriment of our relationship. The weekly ‘date night’ is often scuttered by an unexpected meeting, sick kids or general tiredness which makes carving out time for just you at time seem impossible. The gift of a romantic getaway buys you time. Together. Alone. Kind of like one of those credit card ads, time together = priceless.



When was the last time you drank a bottle of wine talked all night? We know the experts say that communicating is the key building block of a great relationship but with all of our modern distractions this is the one thing that can fall to the wayside. We have designed our Stowaways to provide plenty of opportunities to relax and reconnect as a couple whether it be sharing a bottle of champagne in the hot tub as the sun sets, snuggling in front of the gorgeous fire, lazing in the sauna or if you’re foodies, cooking up a gourmet feast in the modern kitchen. If none of this does it for you there is always a moonlit walk down the beach at Stokes Bay (not corny at all). The best part of staying in a Stowaway is there is no one else to share the amenities with, they are all yours and swimmers are optional!



Yes, you can have a romantic getaway in a CBD hotel but where is the fun in that? Before you even get to Kangaroo Island you need to take a ferry or flight which is an adventure in itself, and you get to see the world from a different perspective. There is nothing like a shared adventure to bring a couple closer together (Adam and I’s was a nasty case of food poisoning in Margaret River but I don’t recommend this approach). Once you get to Kangaroo Island you cannot escape the opportunity of adventure, whether it be discovering a secluded beach, ‘detouring’ down an unknown track (‘no we are not lost’) or walking amongst the kangaroos during a nocturnal walk around your Stowaway. Nature and adventure abound when you visit Kangaroo Island and that is only a great thing.

Added bonus reason – convenience!

No one likes to look like they gave a last minute gift, a bunch of servo flowers and Kinder Surprise is almost worse than no gift (not attaching this gift to any person in particular…) but I know how Christmas day can creep up on you and before you know it you are wondering if cash in a card would be appropriate! I have put a cool new feature on the Stowaway Kangaroo Island website, you can now purchase a gift voucher which is emailed to you so you can print it off on Christmas morning if required. There is nothing worse than a wasted gift voucher and this is the last thing I want so I recommend having our website up on your device as soon as the gift is opened and book that trip in!


Merry Christmas, Love Carly x