How do I get to Kangaroo Island when the ferry is booked out?

With all the extra media attention of late, the Sealink Ferry has been especially busy. Yes, its frustrating but we have some locals tips on how to secure a booking.

  1. Our local travel agent, Evelyn at Kingscote Travel (08) 8553 3154) specialises in the Sealink ferry and has successfully gotten both locals and visitors alike a booking with an excellent success rate. Call Evelyn and explain you are our guests, and she will get you over every time. She is amazing!
  2. If you are more flexible with your plans then you can try to get on via standby. Each sailing usually fits extra vehicles so there is an excellent chance you will get on. You need to park in lane 5 and go into the ticket office to put your name down. We do this a lot with a 90% success rate. The earlier you get there the better chance you will have.
  3. Another option is that 24 hrs before departure many sailings open up due to freight bookings being adjusted, make a booking for any day and time near your desired departure and change you booking online as sailings open up.

Should you book a stay at Stowaway Kangaroo Island and are unable to get over to KI due to the ferry we will refund your stay (waiving the cancellation fee).